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A Music Festival on a small island 

Ojika, one of the many islands of Gotô, Nagasaki 


The rumble of the waves,

The chirping of the birds,

Rustle of the sea breeze..

One can listen to the beautiful sounds of the isle



Open your ears and listen

to what you can hear only

on this location,


Create your own sonority, 

your own music.


The 21nd

Ojika International MusicFestival of Nagasaki

Ojika International MusicFestival

of Nagasaki

March 28th (Thursday) - April 1st (Monday)


General music director :

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Academy and Concert

5 exciting days surrounded 

by beautiful landscapes 

of mother nature. We welcome you to our 21st 

Festival. During 5 days,

not only can you receive 

2 lessons from world reknown musicians,

you can attend to their concerts. and will have an opportunity to perform yourself.

Ojika International Music

Festival of Nagasaki

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